Car and Automotive Research

If you're looking for information on just about any car, truck, or automotive topic imaginable, you've come the the right place. car is pleased to present you with unique automotive market research not available anywhere else - research based on the words and phases people enter into search engines on a daily basis.

Using search frequency research, a new and advanced form of Internet market research, remarkable insights into our culture's automotive wants, needs, opinions, and experiences are now available.

Automotive Market Research with a Twist

In short, search frequency research is the study of information poured into search engines every day - searches about Mustangs, car insurance, trucks from '67, pictures of exotic sports cars, 4x4 transmission repair manuals, new stereo speakers, etc. If you can think of it, someone is likely searching for it!


By submitting these phrases to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, people regularly offer small, unsolicited insights into their automotive desires, car problems, and personal wish-lists.

Once collected and analyzed on a grand scale, these search phrases provide remarkable insight into the automotive world:

  • Which models are searched the most often, and what does that mean?
  • Which brands appear in searches the most often along with words like "repair" or "parts"?
  • Which used cars from 5 or 15 years ago are people still open to buying? Are people seeking more trucks, sedans, 4x4's, or hatchbacks?
  • What about electric cars?
  • Which car parts are people searching the most often in conjunction with specific models?
  • Perhaps most importantly, how does the availability of this knowledge affect your willingness to invest in a specific car or truck yourself?

Using this Research Yourself

To find out what the world is searching for in relation to the question that brought you here (still remember what you typed into a search engine to get here?!), please consult the numerous pages and graphs throughout this site. There's a good chance that someone else has asked a similar automotive question before. Knowing how often your question is being asked by others around the world can help you in your search for answers.


Over 100,000 unique search phrases were studied and analyzed to produce this site's charts about cars, trucks, and other automobiles. That's equivalent to over 3,000 pages of raw data reading. The estimated annual search volume for these phrases was over 597,000,000 - a little over 18 searches per second. That's an awful lot of information about people's experience with cars and trucks for you to benefit from!

For information on having search frequency research performed for your web site or other offline venture, please call us at 1-888-428-5545.